Love & Lens (“photographer”) is a sub-contractor of the The Wedgewood Banquet Centers, retained to provide photography and video media reportage of live events in the venues they manage. Availability of service is limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

SERVICE DEFINITION — Event Photography Service is the capture and delivery of documentary image depictions of event rituals and associated events by Photographer and their assigns. Photographic subject content is of Photographer’s sole discretion and ability. No specific photography subject or theme is implied or guaranteed. Resulting images are delivered in JPEG format computer files, downloadable to Client’s computer or viewing device via the internet. Images are optimized for scene accuracy (brightness, contrast, and color balance). Additional custom editing (retouching) is available via order at Photographer’s website at additional cost.

TURNAROUND — Event day images are displayed via online internet World Wide Web gallery for one calendar year and available for public viewing 20 business days from wedding day. Wedding couple will receive a passcode to download the full collection of event image files. Optional photo prints, wedding albums, and presentation materials are delivered to wedding client within one month of selection confirmed on the Love & Lens website. 

COPYRIGHT of images is retained by Photographer {Copyright Law Title 17, Appendix V. Additional Provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2005, Section 102}. Photographer grants Client rights to unlimited personal printing and personal electronic and internet viewing & sharing. Photographer grants Client rights to include all still wedding images in video format presentations for personal viewing, produced by either professional or amateur videographers. Copyright is not extended for commercial gain — which includes sharing with wedding vendors for their publicity efforts.

COMPUTER FILE FORMATS — Photographer will deliver image & viewing materials in the most commonly used current JPEG file format. Client assumes knowledge and ability for using computer files to perform viewing and personal printing. Any flash memory devices provided by Photographer are warranted for 30 days upon receipt to be readable by current computers running current Windows and Macintosh operating systems.  Flash memory devices or JPEG image files are not warrantied against damage, format incompatibilities of non-current and future operating systems, image format protocols, graphics viewing and printing formats. Photographer will make efforts to maintain a master copy of wedding image files should replacement copies be needed in the future. The limit of Photographer’s liability is the fees paid from wedding couple directly to Photographer.

HOUSE RULES & BODILY HARM — Photographer is limited by the guidelines of wedding and reception site management. Photographer may alter or cease photography at any time to protect against bodily harm, equipment damage, or verbal abuse to either Photographer and / or photography subjects.

Photographer desires the happiest of clients that will offer word-of-mouth positive referrals to all interested parties. Wedding Photography is a creative endeavor with many variables that contribute to the outcome. Variables that may affect the creative outcome of wedding images include: inclement weather, changing natural light, dimly lit interiors, interiors lit by fluorescent tube light, wedding guests standing in front of camera, distracting lights, sounds and flashes emitted from amateur photo & video equipment, as well as absent, unhappy or intoxicated bridal couple, wedding guests & family. Love & Lens will attempt to cheerfully make allowances for all variables that affect creative output and always will proceed forward with the best possible attitude. We take great pride in our service as well as our end product.