It's been the crown jewel of Northern Colorado event venues since it opened in 2004. We know, as we were there the first year and have watched its reputation grow across 3 states. Couples come from Wyoming, Nebraska, and all across Colorado to love and laugh at this unique "painted lady." 

The old Hawkeye Ranch barn was built in 1880 and houses The Wedgewood offices today. In the 1990s, the original home Eli Asbury built was rebuilt in a Victorian Queen Anne style (called "painted ladies" back in the day) — using reclaimed stones and timber from the original barn house. Today's reception building was originally a 6-stall garage for tractors, pick-ups and cars to maintain the farm — which at one time covered 395 acres.  

Tapestry House's appeal is instant and profound to many. In 2012, a bride from Japan (marrying a man from Mexico) saw a photo of the house on the internet and knew she had to marry there. Why? Tapestry House's painted lady appearance looked just like the row of famous painted ladies in Alamo Square, San Francisco — which were shown in the opening credits of her favorite American television show, "Full House." Weather it's your dream to be married in the front lawn of a Queen Anne home, or to relax in the vibe of an old Colorado ranch, Tapestry House will give you memories like no other wedding spot. We are proud to be a small part of this story.


Your Wedding Day takes an intense amount of planning, yet often the most cherished moments of the day are totally spontaneous. A hug, a kiss, a glance, a laugh — at Love & Lens, we crave these moments and work to capture the unscripted side of your Big Day. Roaming with multiple cameras and some very fast lenses, we tell the emotional story of your commitment celebration. Posed portraits and family group photos happen quickly, with a bit of fun.

On delivery of your photography, you'll see 60-110 images per coverage hour, telling the story of the day when two families came together. Images are available for viewing and download two weeks after the wedding. Family and friends may view the images as often as they like, and ordering prints, canvases, and albums from the gallery viewing page is easy. 


We have 12 monthly galleries HERE. See the seasons unfold at the jewel of Northern Colorado!